Under Pressure: How to Build Healthy, Thriving Team Cultures

By Jennifer Olson I volunteer for my kid’s junior roller derby team. While the juniors are skating in a highly competitive league, their adult counterparts took a break during COVID and have been slow to recommit to that level of competition. Is it because they don’t want to skate at competitive levels? Absolutely not. Then[…]

Can People Really Change?

By Jennifer Olson As so often happens during the holiday season, a family member and I got into a heated discussion. “People aren’t capable of change”  “WHAT? That’s not true! That’s what I help people do. CHANGE. I know they have the ability to change and have seen it happen.”   “No, they only think they[…]

How Is Your Body Apologizing?

How is your body giving you away? When we meet people, give a presentation or networking, if we are lacking confidence, feeling awkward or feeling out of our element, our body gives away clues as to how we are really feeling – a body apology. Learn the most common body apology and how to correct[…]