The New Executive Leadership Summit

The New Executive Leadership Summit

Cutting Edge Techniques to Maximize Your Presence, Productivity, Creativity and Profit.

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Day #1

The Fast Track to Becoming a Great Leader”Jenn 2Jennifer Olson, DVLP Solutions

Bio: Jennifer Olson is the President and CLO (Chief Leadership Officer) of DVLP Solutions where she helps business professionals and entrepreneurs increase their influence, income and impact by developing their leadership and business potential. Visit her website at

Free Gifts: Free Strategy Session


RachaelJayne“The 5 Keys to Personal Presence”Rachael Jayne Groover

Bio: Rachael Jayne Groover is the author of the best-selling book “Powerful and Feminine: How to Increase your Magnetic Presence and Attract the Attention You Want”. She now travels the world teaching both men and women how to increase their personal presence, and their vocal power, so they can walk into any room and be seen and heard in the way they want. Visit her website at

Resources: Time Trade Scheduling Service


Day #2

J-Peterson“The Power of Productivity” Joanne Burke Peterson, New World Office

Bio: Joanne Burke Peterson is the CEO (Chief Efficiency Officer) of New World Office, a company that trains entrepreneurs, small business owners, and executives to be more profitable by being able to find the information they need when they need it. Visit her website at

Resources and Recommendations: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg; David Allen, productivity guru, Getting Things Done System at; (online task and project management system).


Picture1Business as a Tool for Positive Change”  – Arron Mansika, Naturally Boulder

Bio: Arron Mansika is the Director of Naturally Boulder, a trade association aiming to strengthen the thriving natural products business community throughout Colorado. Visit Naturally Boulder’s website at

Free Gifts and Resources: Naturally Boulder Free Resource Page


Day #3

NCW5 Successful Networking Tips” Nancy Chin-Wagner, PowerConnections

Bio: Nancy Chin-Wagner is the founder of Nancy Chin-Wagner, LLC, a training and consulting firm. Networking maven Nancy Chin-Wagner helps people who are shy, introverted or uncomfortable in a social setting to build their relationships that turn into business. Find out more at

Resources and Recommendations: Networking groups: Boulder Chamber Business Women Leaders Group and BNI (Business Networking International); Google calendar, Evernote – which is an app that gives you tools you need to stay organized across all your devices

Free Gift: Get a free 30 networking strategy session by emailing Want to attend a Boulder networking event for free? Email Nancy to explore opportunities.


TaraHow Today’s Top Leaders Use Their Creativity and Innovation”Tara Powers, Powers Resource Center

Bio: Tara Powers is an award winning leadership expert, sought after speaker, and experienced talent development consultant and coach. Tara helps leaders and teams accelerate their success by building trust, improving communication, learning to walk the talk, and get real about the habits that create outstanding results. Visit her website at

Resources and Recommendations: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey;


Day #4

Beverly Jones“Leading in Degrees of Strength”Beverly Orton Jones, Verus Global Inc.

Bio: Beverly Orton Jones is a strategic business partner with Verus Global Inc. where she builds foundational relationships with small organizations, cooperatives and nonprofits around the United States – and equips them to create more inspired and fulfilled workplaces. Find out more at

Resources and Recommendations: Degrees of Strength by Craig W. Ross & Steve W. Vannoy;


Dwyer“Surrender Leadership: Give Up and Give In”Chris Dwyer, LocalMotive

Bio: Chris Dwyer is currently an adviser to LocalMotive, a public benefit corporation he co-founded to build the local food economy in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado.  Chris also teaches yoga, heads business development for In Joy Baking Company and operates the newly opened White Yarrow Inn and Homestead, a center for applied ecology and home-based economy in the heart of Manitou Springs, Colorado. Find out more by visiting his website at

Resources and Recommendations: Click the links to find out more about In Joy Baking Company, a company featuring organic, gluten-free bread mixes & artisanal chocolates created in the spirit of joyful living or the White Yarrow Inn and Homestead. Get the LocalMotive local food app here


Day #5

Theresa Full“Leading with Passion and Purpose”Theresa Szczurek, Ph.D., Technology and Management Solutions, LLC and Radish Systems

Bio: Theresa Szczurek, Ph.D. is CEO of Technology and Management Solutions, LLC where she helps organizations and individuals succeed by aligning their passions with their purpose. In addition to her consultant company, Theresa is also the co-founder and CEO of Radish Systems. Find out more by visiting

Resources:, website for free resources for one page strategic plan, sales pipeline spreadsheet.


KC_Large_6870“Mastering the 4 Keys to Influence”Krystal Covington, GO Lead, LLC

Bio: Krystal Covington provides coaching and communication services to small businesses nationwide. She also helps leaders develop their professional brands and build a strong network, so they can be more successful entrepreneurs and business women through her organization Women of Denver. Find out more information by visiting

Resources and Recommendations: Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie; – Buffer is the best way to drive traffic, increase fan engagement and save time on social media.

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