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“Jennifer challenged attendees to think about how they show up each day as leaders and change agents. Participants loved that Jennifer’s approach showed them a different way to look at leadership! Many were anxious to begin incorporating some of what they learned right away at work and at home.”Patsy Bruce, Chair of Family Partnership Professional Association.

As a thought-leader on business and leadership, Jennifer provided cutting-edge tools and training that made what she was teaching very practical. Her story and presence on stage truly took my breath away. Not many speakers can use every day trials and experiences to entertain, motivate, challenge and inspire audiences the way she does.”Rachael Jayne Groover, CEO of Groover Seminars and author of best-selling book Powerful and Feminine

Jennifer Olson is a sought-after speaker who is known for inspiring and motivating audiences into action through her powerful material for keynotes, conferences and workshops with audiences ranges from 10 to thousands.

PowerConnectionsGroup1As a thought-leader in business and leadership, Jennifer inspires today’s entrepreneurs and  business professionals to break through traditional, antiquated thoughts that define leadership and success so they can build a deeper, authentic foundation that supports turning ideas into profits, molding engaged and thoughtful company cultures, empowering leadership in each person at every level, building innovative teams that thrive, and constructing a community that supports the best in each of us. Her dynamic, conversational approach combined with honesty, vulnerability and humor, will leave your attendees wanting more. Whether you want a 45-minute keynote or a full-day workshop, Jennifer will teach and share her expertise in a simple, experiential and entertaining way.

“Jennifer is a gifted speaker with a powerful message that every leader and business professional needs to hear. Highly engaging, relevant and practical, she left us with clear actionable steps that could be applied immediately. A true leadership and business expert, her energy and passion are contagious.”  – Lisa Berquist, ED of the Telecommunications History Group


Beyond Diversity Training: Rethinking DEI Leadership Strategies. Much has been discussed about the importance of implementing and integrating diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs into organizations to support the creation of equitable workplaces. But how well are these programs working? Unfortunately, research reveals that these programs often fail despite their potentially good intentions. 62% of workers surveyed say DEI programs aren’t effective, and nearly half (46%) say the programs failed them personally. Yet, research also shows that inclusive organizations are more nimble and adaptable to change, more profitable, more productive, enjoy a happier workforce and have a strong competitive advantage over their peers. So how do organizations get these results?

We’ll navigate the complex landscape of DEI by delving into what’s working and, more importantly, what’s not within the DEI movement. We’ll dive into understanding the critical role leadership plays in this journey, uncover the business benefits of DEI efforts and engage in interactive discussions that challenge conventional wisdom and inspire fresh perspectives.

Thriving in Uncertainty: How to Build Trust and Collaboration for a Stronger Workplace. Today’s world is filled with unpredictable dangers – pandemics, shootings, economic turmoil, wars, supply change interruptions and climate change to name a few. These constant stressors affect every corner of an organization. In these times, leaders must quickly and effectively set the right tone in the workplace to build a productive culture. The two most important factors, the level of trust and collaboration, make or break organizations. Learn how to quickly build a foundation of trust and collaboration with your teams, your organization and community. When these traits blossom, remarkable things happen.


The Future of Leadership: Exploring emerging trends and best practices in leadership for a rapidly changing world. In today’s dynamic, ever-changing world, leaders must stay ahead of the curve. They must adapt to market changes quickly and be ready to pivot at a moments notice. Did you know that more than 70% of CEOs pinpoint the rapid pace of technological change as the primary influencer of their business strategies? This is why relevant leaders must proactively anticipate the forces shaping their industries. We’ll examine best practices and real-world examples of critical strategies to pivot quickly while learning invaluable insights on not just surviving but thriving amidst change. We’ll discuss the importance of addressing diversity, digital transformation and evolving workforce dynamics as a significant differentiator in the market. By leveraging these keys to drive change, we empower leaders to not only embrace disruption but also cultivate resilience and achieve unparalleled success within their organizations.

Moving From Bud to Boss: Cultivating the Essential Skills and Mindset of a Successful Manager. Making the leap to management can be filled with stress and uncertainty. Supervisors often find themselves navigating uncharted territory, without the proper training or tools to thrive. Whether you’re leading a team for the first time or seeking to enhance your skills, we’ll will give you valuable tools to navigate your journey from “Bud to Boss” successfully. Through group discussions, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies, you’ll learn the essential principles of effective management and how to immediately apply them in your work. Don’t let the responsibility of “supervisor” overwhelm you. Join us to gain the skills and insights needed to not only survive but thrive as an effective and impactful manager.

Build Highly Innovative and Successful Teams that Increase Engagement, Accountability and Profits. Historically, companies have sought high performers to lead teams towards massive profitability. And they regularly fail as the internal competition creates dynamics of aggression, dysfunction and waste. Jennifer teaches you the main characteristics needed to build a successful group and strategies that turn them into a highly productive, innovative, profitable, engaged and eager team ready to be part of the company’s success.

 “Jennifer inspired each person to step up and lead – to make the impact they were born to make by bringing the best, most unique parts of themselves out to shine.”